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At Clarence High School, outside of Buffalo, Murray played football, and one day on the field he suffered a bad hit to the stomach that put him in the hospital.

A nurse suggested that he should model, and so Murray signed with a local agency, which eventually sent him to an industry event in Orlando, Florida.

When People’s Choice caught up with Burton at the Inside OTH Convention in North Carolina last month, we asked her if she always knew that Leyton (Peyton Lucas, obviously) was endgame. #Team Brooke fans be like: While #Team Peyton fans over there like: Burton explained that the decision to end the series with Peyton and Lucas together evolved over time.Their father, Rex, an air traffic controller, raised them as a solo parent, and money was tight; Murray has said that he was a target for bullies because of the clothes he wore.By the time he was thirteen, he was working as a janitor in a doughnut shop to earn his own spending money.Born in Buffalo, New York, in August 1981, he was the second of five children.His mother left the family when he was ten years old.