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What they should have done was bring back Danny Cosgrove, who is amazing. Jordan was my brother on and now he's a big movie star. He’s a naturally charming guy and pretty girls are drawn to him so he won’t have to work to hard to find a girlfriend.” The pair first met in January 2003, while taping a segment for Bachelor XYZ, which Rebecca hosted. And at the Trista wedding, it was so obvious that Estella was trying to be romantic, while Guiney was totally ignoring her.

The couple, who have been secretly separated for a few months, have decided to officially call it quits!

“Bob and Rebecca realized they were not meant to be together,” a friend tells Star.

“They don’t love each other anymore and want to move on with their lives.

They say, "Meet me at the restaurant." And I'm, like, "No!

" My agent set me up on a blind date with Mike and that was it for both of us.