Who is danica dating

Said Patrick about Hamlin: "He did everything just right. He understands the draft, and the side draft very well, and he had just the right amount of help from behind.

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"We've got people in place that are looking for downforce and mechanical grip in our cars every week."Now that he has added Cup race winner to his résumé, maybe, just maybe, Stenhouse will get a few more people who recognize him for his driving prowess -- he did win two Xfinity Series titles in a transition to NASCAR from his roots as a successful USAC driver -- and not his dating prowess.Despite what his body language might suggest, after winning the GEICO 500 on Sunday, Stenhouse said: “I don’t mind being known as her boyfriend.She doesn’t mind being known as my girlfriend.” Up until last weekend at Talladega Superspeedway, neither of them had won a NASCAR Cup Series race, so “Danica’s boyfriend” remained an easy identifier for Stenhouse when she is more famous.But as the laps wound down and it became apparent Stenhouse was in contention for his first career win, Patrick’s attention shifted to watching the race.When Stenhouse crossed the finish line, Patrick hustled to meet her boyfriend where they shared a celebratory kiss.