Whitney houston and jermaine jackson dating

Before going, Jones laid out a gown for Whitney to wear that night. M., Jones returned to the room, where Whitney’s bodyguard and brother-in-law, Ray Watson, was on watch in the hall.

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Fans were already gathering at the Hilton for Clive Davis’s party when Ed Winter, the coroner, took the elevator to the fourth floor.So it’s no surprise that when this legend first stormed onto the music scene with her debut album, which came out 30 years ago today, she did it with a bang..Her self-titled debut album went on to produce three number one singles on the Billboard 100 chart and sell more than 25 million copies worldwide.It’s hard to believe that it’s already been three years since we lost one of the greatest voices of our lifetime.Throughout her career, Whitney Houston broke records and topped the charts, making her one of the best selling pop and R&B artists of all time.