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In January 2010, Clint files for divorce and invites Kim to live at his mansion.Kim gets Schuyler to steal a vial of oxytocin to make Stacy give birth early.In November 2009, Schuyler discovers that Stacy lost her baby, and Kim lies and say that Schuyler is the father.Schuyler keeps the secret so he can have Gigi for himself.

When Claudette realizes Valentin has found her, she skips town, leaving Charlotte behind with Griffin.

Ms Gilruth is a Holyrood rookie having been elected to the Scottish Parliament in May 2016.

The former teacher, who is also a parliamentary liaison officer to Deputy First Minister John Swinney, first became friendly with Ms Dugdale during a cross-party trip across the Atlantic last summer.

Trying for years to control the Cassadine empire through Nikolas, Helena finally sees the means to gain access to the Cassadine money by taking Courtney's baby to raise as the Cassadine heir.

Courtney decides to leave town to give herself some space to think.