Updating an old china hutch

Whether you're trying to figure out what to do with the old kitchen cabinets in the home you've just purchased or looking to refinish your existing ones, there are some important steps you'll want to take before you start.

Log accents in this kitchen give the clean design an outdoorsy feel.

Many secrets of the past are buried within its walls, and memories – some happy and some sad, now silently echo through its halls.

Sadly, as you will see in the photos, the house was in poor shape cosmetically since it was neglected for many years.

The original hutch also had some heart cut-outs just below the cupboard that were very easy to take off by removing that board. Stripping the stain to the original wood sounded like too much work for this project, so I settled on painting.

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One of my favourite DIY projects includes making over an entire washroom for under 0, which included painting tile – yes, tile! I took the entire thing outside to be painted (since this was back in the warmer Summer months), which helped extensively with drying time.

I love to skip sanding and priming whenever possible, but this hutch was so beat-up that sanding was imperative.

So, a palm sander and a coat of primer with Kiltz left the hutch ready to paint. New hardware is the fastest, cheapest and all-together easiest way to makeover a hutch.

It had been several months since we moved into our new home and I still couldn't find a fit for an empty wall in our dining room.

My dining room has a type of cut-in little cubby hole made to fit a hutch or buffet. That is, nothing until we saw this on Craigslist...