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The volcano has remained very calm, with only a few and small ash emissions occurring at intervals of many hours.Since the violent explosion on 3 Feb afternoon, no more vulcanian eruptions have occurred.The site was been dated to the 1st century AD, and is believed to have been the oldest pyramid structure in the New World – predating Teotihuacan, north of Mexico City.Cuicuilco may also have been the oldest city in the Valley of Mexico and was roughly contemporary with, and possibly interacting with, the Olmec civilisation of the Gulf Coast. Still, it is not a true pyramid, being rather a truncated conical mound, with a clay-and-rubble core faced with river boulders and basalt slabs.You can see multiple different views of the volcano in real-time here.Mexico's National Center for Disaster Prevention said the Popocatépetl volcano launched incandescent lava fragments more than half a mile away from its crater.

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The activity has intensified since last October, when nearby residents were evacuated as the volcano spewed lava.An ongoing volcanic ash advisory, issued by the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center in Washington, remains in effect Thursday.The volcano is in western Mexico, about 160 kilometres south of Guadalajara.Lahar flows tend to be centralised along routes of high water accumulation, such as along rivers and its banks.flows are usually the slowest, and have no preference of landscape, simply travelling from a high point to a low point along the gradient.