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A mix of legal, political and fiscal constraints make it extremely difficult to find a place for sex offenders who have paid their debt to society to live.“The New York corrections law requires that a Residential Treatment Facility be a community- based residence in or near a community where employment, educational and training opportunities are available for persons on parole or conditional release.

Mc Carthy said 18-year-old Henry Sanchez will be charged with possession of child pornography, which carries a potential sentence of up to five years.

The actions at the Union Buildings, led by political parties and civil society organisations and attended by thousands, were triggered by the President’s cabinet reshuffle.

Magashule said following the booing, which led to the cancellation of the May Day speeches, he was going to study video footage.

Now, several employees in the provincial government are said to be mobilising against the alleged plan to purge them, which they say is draconian and motivated by factional politics.

They accuse Magashule of waging a proxy war to protect Zuma.