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For example, you force the network to read Shakespeare over and over and eventually it can write its own texts in the style of Shakespeare.

I saw that and thought: hey, why not Magic cards instead of Shakespeare?

EDIT: You can download the most recent version of the sampling script for hardcast_sixdrop's format here. I'm a Ph D candidate researcher in computer science at the University of Alabama at Birmingham who has been investigating the use of deep neural networks for classification and problem solving tasks.

I saw a fun article about training a neural network on arbitrary data to generate novel sequences.

All three services would continue to email me new profiles every day. Jeff Goldblum isn’t going to date someone who wears what you wear to work.” My date with Mench Tastic kept me preoccupied the rest of the day. I bet he has sexy hands—strong, veiny even, but soft.

G Information points to your character such as animation names. EDIT SPECIES Menu opens, where one can change species dependent constant (like Alt E) FIRSTPERSON Switches into roofridge person view. 1.5 for 150% or 4 for 400% SET FBBOX Framework shows around the object in the focus.

I Remember some Pro at MC Told me that you can put all of your inventory into a Chest by pressing...

Well, i cant remember, but it involved the Space bar : S I Tried it out on Vanilla 1.3 and i was suprised to realise that it Worked, buuuut i forgot how to do it...

EDIT: For those of you discovering this thread for the first time, you might want to check out this article here.

There's also another article here which does an excellent job of summarizing the story so far (if you don't feel like reading through the whole thread).

Chets dating system instant messaging magic