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No one has tied his name more to a particular type of movie more than Jason Statham, to the point where all you have to say is, "It's a Jason Statham movie" and everyone knows exactly what you're talking about.

Hot and wett, messy and you will be thinking about me tomorrow.Whether or not something is going to be shown is irrelevant.[caption id="attachment_127946" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Warner Bros."][/caption] You talk a big game about your love of long-haired stars — your Johnny Depps, your Viggo Mortensens, your Hugh Jackmans — but there's something about a bare head that adds to the menace and allure of our favorite action stars.We all crave relationships and human connection, and the Web has made this possible for more people all over the world than at any other time in history.Many people utilize sites that connect you with people that hold similar interests - to find and enrich these connections.