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While giving evidence to the inquiry Mr Blair denied he had taken the country to war on the basis of a 'lie' over Hussein's supposed weapons of mass destruction. Now in that state of mind and mood you fall back on your instinctive skills and reactions, I think.'In a now infamous claim, Mr Blair told MPs Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction, and later said intelligence showed the Iraqi tyrant could deploy chemical and biological weapons within 45 minutes.

Asked if he felt Mr Blair had given the fullest version of events to the inquiry, Sir John said: 'I think he gave an – what was – I hesitate to say this, rather, but I think it was, from his perspective and standpoint, emotionally truthful and I think that came out also in his press conference after the launch statement.'I think he was under – as you said just now – very great emotional pressure during those sessions … Sir John's report found Mr Blair presented the case for war with 'a certainty which was not justified' based on 'flawed' intelligence about the country's supposed weapons of mass destruction (WMD) which was not challenged as it should have been.

Sir John was then asked if Mr Blair was as honest with the inquiry and the public as he should have been.

He replied: 'Any prime minister taking a country into war has got to be straight with the nation and carry it, so far as possible, with him or her.

The summit, which was held at BBC offices in London on Tuesday, was attended by a group of pro-Leave MPs from Labour, the Conservatives and other parties.

Can romance still flourish away from our computer screens and keyboards, in a more traditional way? Reporter: This exercise involves chatting to strangers.

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