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She checks in between outings to find out how Anahi is doing in school, socially, and at home.

She is able to do both fun and educational activities with Anahi.

It vibrates when it gets near an object.“It tells a person when an object is coming towards them, so the person can avoid it.”Anahi wants to make sure the cane is functional and affordable because she knows what it’s like to not be able to afford the things she needs.

She’s developing the cane at Hack School, an after-school program that challenges students to think of solutions to problems in their own neighborhoods.“Anahi has changed dramatically as a student over the last eight months or so,” said her teacher Nathan Pai Schmidt.

She’s been there twice and is now one of President Barack Obama’s White House Kid Science Advisors.“The first time I went to the White House, I was like ‘Wow, I’m in the White House! While she was there, Anahi got the ear of a White House staffer.

“We lived there for a year.”Ever the optimist, the 15-year-old pushes her glasses up her nose and smiles.“It was hard. ’”The tenth grader lived in the RV shortly after her family came to the United States on tourism visas from Mexico.

When she moved to Colorado, she started seeing her own potential.“Now, I see my future and traveling around the world,” she said.

When Anahi is struggling with issues at home, Anahi’s mother will sometimes ask Alissa to step in and discuss the problem with Anahi.

They have a relationship where Anahi feels comfortable talking to Alissa about problems she is having as well as her hopes and fears.